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Band Saw Machine

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  • Inverter’s automatic detection of overload during sawing. prevents band saw tooth getting jammed by lifting it for 0.5 second.
  • Automatic control of cutting speed maximizes life time of band saw and productivity.
  • Stable and high speed cutting is possible due to 2 rigid LM guide columns and aux. guide column.
  • Auto miter cutting up to 45 degrees with digital display.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) control system enables flexible angle setting and easy control.
  • Dedicated model for H-beam cutting.
  • Bundle cutting of materials.
  • Thanks to workpiece width checker, cutting end point is automatically controlled in line with workpiece.


capacity 90° 1,000×630mm
45° 600×600mm
Pipe 650mm
Square(W×H) 1,000×600mm
Saw blede Blade speed(m/min) 20~90m/min
Size(W×T×L) 54×1.6×8,800mm
Saw blede Saw blede 11kW
Hydraulic 3.75kW
Coolant 180kW
Wire brush 90W
Tank Hydraulic 75L
Coolant 210L
Frame tilt angle 6.5°
feeding stroke 320mm
Work table heigth 780mm
dimention(W×H×L) 4,800×2,400×2,450mm
weigth 6,850kg