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Straightening Machine

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  • Strong and rigid design
    This equipment is designed to straighten warped flange caused by stress after welding. Continuous straightening of horizontal and vertical deformation, which takes place during welding, is carried out by hydraulic rolling press.
  • Customized solution
    Optional elements like spare roll housing for small workpiece can be customized as per customer requirements.
  • Improvement in working efficiency
    Fast straightening speed of max. 8m/min enables the productivity to be increased and the working hours to be diminished to the minimum.


Model KTA-6080
Flange capacity Max. 800mm×60T(70T or more option)
Min. 200mm×16T
Web capacity Min. more than 312mm inside
Straightening speed 8m/min
Hydraulic device 148 Ton
Hydraulic device 210 kg/cm2 / 150L
Hydraulic pump motor 11kW / 220/380V / 3P / 60Hz
Drive motor 11kW / 289:1 / 220/380V / 3P / 60Hz
Dimension(W×L×H) 4,500×1,850×1,900mm
weight 13Ton
Option : Electric power(Customized)
Material : SS 400