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Gas Cuttng Machine

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The next generation CNC gas cutting machine with high speed-high precision-high reliance

Torch system

  • Motor-driven torch unit
  • Whole-separate torch up & down control
  • Torch gap unit by using steel belt
  • Water injection (coolant) device 
  • Automatic ignition system(Option)
  • Automatic THC(Option)


Model KTG-250 KTG-320 KTG-420 KTG-500 KTG-640
Machine structure Gantry travelling
Drive method Rack & pinion gear
Control CNC SENTROL â…¡ IC
Cutting ability 6~100mm
Cutting speed 100~1,000mm/min
Maximum feed speed 2,500mm 3,200mm 4,200mm 5,000mm 6,400mm
Effective cutting Width 10,000mm 16,000mm 18,000mm 18,000mm 20,000mm
Basictorch modification 2EA 4EA 6EA 6EA 8EA
Machine width 3,350mm 5,030mm 6,030mm 7,030mm 8,200mm
Machine height 2,400mm 2,400mm 2,400mm 2,400mm 2,400mm
Power-supply 220V±10 / 3P / 60Hz / 15KVA